Mission and Accomplishments

Our Accomplishments

Leadership Development Summits:

JDI hosted 4 statewide gatherings with executive and senior leadership of member organizations; more than 35 non-profits participated in these meetings. The topics included: strategic planning, leading through transition, systems analysis regarding the field of sexual and domestic violence and building strong, inclusive teams for the future. Overall, more than 100 individuals from more than 35 organizations across the state attended these summits.

Evaluation comments from the summits include:
“The facilitator was awesome, fun, smart and inspirational!
Thank you for having this retreat; I value the sense of community and coalition building.”

“This has caused me to rethink the ways in which we approach our work.
Meeting others and developing new collegial connections strengthens our work.”

“I am more equipped to lead during these times of transition.”

Addressing Trauma in the Sexual and Domestic Violence Field:

In May 2016, JDI publicly launched the Initiative for Safety & Justice: Advancing advocacy, organizations and leadership and hosted a program entitled “Trauma Stewardship” in two locations. JDI brought in internationally renowned trauma worker, Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, whose full day presentations engaged with almost 500 advocates from a range of backgrounds.

National and Statewide Scan of Experts in the field working on Trauma:

A Jane Doe Inc. (JDI) consultant conducted a scan of local and national resources working to address trauma and its impact on the field and conducted interviews with several content experts, catalogued resources and reference materials, and selected content to inform the ISJ team.

Statewide Survey:

In the summer of 2016, JDI developed an online survey to learn from its member’s needs and perspectives about trauma-related issues impacting the current workforce. There were received 136 individual responses from employees at JDI member programs.

ISJ Advisory Committee

Convene the ISJ Advisory Committee comprised of researchers, practitioners and academics that are well versed on the impact of trauma and approaches to creating a resilient workforce. This committee will serve in a guidance capacity in advising JDI on program development, organizational development and ongoing leadership promotion.

Curriculum Development and Implementation:

The Frameworks of Advocacy. This will be a one-day training for all new and existing staff in the field of sexual and domestic violence to be presented regionally with the goal of increasing skills and knowledge about best practices in working with victims of sexual and domestic violence in a trauma informed context.