Historical Trauma

What is Historical Trauma

This 5 minute talk provides description of historical trauma as a collective, cumulative emotional wounding across generations resulting from cataclysmic events such as slavery, colonization, or the holocaust. Events target not just individuals, but a whole collective community and then trauma can be held personally, across generations.

Healing from Trauma and Abuse in the Native American Community (Recorded workshop presentation)

In this 2 hour presentation by the Native American Health Center, Dr. Art Martinez (Chumash), Clinical Psychologist outlines strategies to heal from trauma and abuse.

Absorbing Trauma by Osmosis: Holocaust Memory Across Generations

In this 5 minute talk from the Yiddish Book Center’s Wexler Oral History Project, Leela Corman, graphic artist, describes her experiences as the granddaughter of Shoah survivors and talks about the different ways in which each of her grandparents reflected upon and transmitted their stories.

How Do People Experience Historical Trauma

The University of Minnesota created this 6-minute video that discusses how people experience historical trauma. The video explains what historically traumatic events are and how there are lasting effects on the individual as well as the community.

African American Historical Trauma

In this 54 minute presentation, Brandon Jones from Healing Brothers, looks at efforts to address increasing disparities confronting African Americans with a broad range of practical culturally sensitive trauma informed projects and strategies focused healing. Addressing historical trauma offers an alternative way of thinking about community building “from inside out” not just “the outside in”. It creates an environment for collaboration, wellness, sustainable change, “compassionate accountability” and community empowerment. A stronger, thriving African American community improves the health of the community and the society as a whole.