What is the Initiative for Safety and Justice?

In 2015, Jane Doe Inc. (JDI, The Massachusetts Coalition Against Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence) set out to create a project that would address the impact of trauma, oppressions, and inequities in relation to our work to prevent and end gender-based violence. The result was the launch of JDI’s Initiative for Safety and Justice (ISJ). Through the ISJ, JDI aims to end gender-based violence by engaging those providing advocacy on the front lines, supporting and collaborating with organizations, and mobilizing current and emerging leadership to center our collective responses on survivors.

By understanding trauma, we can examine the multi-layered impacts of oppression and inequities on survivors. Exploring trauma can help us to effectively advocate with individuals, organizations and systems. Understanding resilience can help us strengthen and promote leadership.

Since its inception, the ISJ has provided training, support, and resources for the sexual and domestic violence field in Massachusetts to expand understanding and strengthen our capacity to address the intersections of trauma and resilience as they impact both survivors and advocates. This work was supported by a grant from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation.

JDI developed this website for our members and stakeholders to gain quick access to information about individual, vicarious, organizational and historical trauma. The website links to materials and tools that we hope will be useful for advocates, human service providers, community organizers, policy makers, and others.

This website will be updated periodically.

We invite you to share information and resources that you find helpful with us via info@janedoe.org.